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Guinzy Construction, Inc. performed the earthwork, storm sewer, concrete work, structural steel work, siding, and other general work on a 100 foot tall, four story mixer building. The building consisted of a 14 ft. deep basement with a 42 inch thick foundation floor, two 24 inch thick concrete mezzanines and 3 stories of structural steel and elevated concrete slabs.
Guinzy Construction, Inc. poured 60,516 Square foot of  concrete and set 850 feet of Storm Sewer for Nascote Industries to use as rack storage in 2019.
The Ultimate Tire Expansion High Bay Building, is an Engineering marvel for Southern Illinos. This building is 500 feet long and standing sixty feet tall. What makes this building unique, it is on the edge of a 100 acre factory and it is only 30 feet wide.